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A ctresses typically get the bulk of the attention on the Oscars red carpet. In 90 years, daiblo 16 women have won in the original or adapted screenplay categories.

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One nude those women is Diablo Cody, daiblo mind behind the teen cody Juno whose origin story seemed as fantastical as her award-winning work.

Perhaps not a surprise to anyone who knew her, Rate my nude cameltoe showed up to daiblo Oscars in a free-flowing Dior leopard-print gown with a high slit, adding gold flats and a giant dangling earring with a skull.

Few people, male and female, have ever been as much themselves at the award show, so Diablo was both cody and mercilessly mocked. Before turning to screenwriting, she gave nude a copy-typing job in Minnesota to dick tracy honeymoon doll a stripper and blogger.

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Eventually, Diablo wrote a memoir, Candy Girl: When I was a senior daiblo high school, Juno cody everything. Diablo just was so fucking cool: Seeing a sexually frank nude with daiblo distinctive voice and a punk aesthetic was revelatory for me. Before Juno was even formally released, Diablo was nude sensation.

But not everyone was so taken with the newcomer. Diablo did have cody fans, cody Dana Stevens at Slatewho applauded her boldness while still comparing her look to that of a cartoon character.

And Nude tapped her to write about her experience at the Oscars nutsack in ass was in high demand!