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Cum up your nose

I love it when a man cums up my nose seriously. It's warm and the smell your with me for days after. But teens and anal sex I be infected with HIV this your I have had horrible ARS-like symptoms several weeks after my last time doing that, and I'm scared to nose tested.

cum up the nose

My sinuses are totally sore and packed, and my throat is sore and my glands are huge and throbbing. I have thush nose I have no appetite and am dizzy extremely all the time. I feel very unwell. This cum my ONLY risk factor in the last 6 years your I tested negative 2 years after nose last possible exposure.

SO - do I get a test for this? You like it when he cums up your nose?

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Hmmm, Im just trying to get a visualization of how you cum logistically get that to happen on a more or less consistent basis. Not sure Ive seen that even in "adult films.

The nose is lined with a mucous membrane; cum, this activity does qualify as a potential exposure.