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Cost of sandblast a boat bottom

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to uncensored next top model Results 1 to 10 of Soda Blasting, how much should it cost? Can anyone give me an idea how much soda blasting should cost?

Boat Bottom Blasting

I'm about to ge a quote for my MG Blasters sandblast the south cost often charge by linear foot of boat length. Price always depends on travel distance, ease of access and how busy they are. Thanks - I'll see what they come with then.

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Anyone know of recommendable blasting companies within sensible travelling distance of Forth? Also, if you had Cost on your hull and were considering blasting antifouing off, would you suggest leaving the VCTar in place or take it bottom as well to gelcoat? Referring back to my Coppercoating thoughts in another thread.

How much for sandblasting?

Make sure you cover all your varnish work and some painted surfaces as soda can mark them quite badly - if thick enough it will strip some coatings. Also keep well clear while being used, it can burn skin and seriously effect your eyes. Originally Posted by iandwall.