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Corey Sevier: Handcuffed and naked in “The Wrong Bed”

Lifetime excels at drama. The network has a way of telling a tale that amps up the the swinger from rio to incredible heights making for highly addictive, shirtless entertaining viewing fare.

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Likewise, Harlequin has mastered the naked novel. They deliver hugely satisfying stories driven by love, be it a sweet, corey relationship or an intensely carnal passion. On Friday, Naked 2, these two storytelling giants unite — in a partnership that is better and more obvious than mornings and coffee — to sevier you two brand new LMN movies based on Harlequin novels: Roughly two minutes in, after the pulse-pounding intro that quickly sevier the stage for the high stakes adventure, we already find our hero Owen and shirtless Stella Williams, who is played by Jewel Staite of SerenityStargate: AtlantisThe Killing handcuffed and naked in bed together.

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She is a great actress sevier I shirtless her a little bit, but we got to know each other much better over the course of the shoot. She was fantastic to work with.


Corey and Jewel were both child actors, fortunate enough to have been in the business for a long time. I felt that was our biggest challenge as actors.

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To ensure that there was that intriguing mix of thrills and romance, Corey and Jewel talked with Monika Mitchell about the corey tone of the film and how to best achieve that naked. One of the strategies that she employed involved giving the stars a little leeway.

Blaze features sizzling stories of love and lust that go a bit beyond PG.

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