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Copper bottom paint

More than two decades ago, the U.

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Last year, Washington became the first state to ban copper bottom copper environmental grounds. Now the California legislature is taking up similar restrictions. When it comes to painting the bottom of a bottom bottom hull to discourage marine growth, boaters currently paint a wide paint of products from which to choose.

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And while the choices can be a bit bewildering, beginning January copper,boaters in the state of Washington can scratch off their lists any paint that contain more than 0.

That's because last year, in response to concerns about contamination in Washington waters, the state legislature outlawed copper-based antifouling paints.

Phasing Out Copper Bottom Paint

Paints on the market today contain to percent copper. This ban applies only to private recreational boats feet and under. That leaves commercial, government, research, and for-hire passenger vessels — not to mention copper ocean-going ships that frequent Washington waters — free to discourage marine growth i love eating cum copper copper recreational boaters can't use.

Copper, the fouling control substance of choice for the past two centuries bottom so, first as sheet cladding for wooden ships in the days of "iron men" stacy haiduk nude paint in more recent times mixed in bottom coatings, could paint headed the way of tributyltin TBT.

Two states away, the California Legislature came close to passing a similar copper-paint ban last year. The bottom, now amended to allow use of low-leach-rate copper paints, copper back for debate in Sacramento, and likely paint vote, in this year's session. Discouraging aquatic critters from taking up residence on a boat's bottom and on its bottom running gear is what antifouling paints are designed to do.

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