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Is LELO’s Re-Engineered HEX Condom Safer or More Dangerous Than Your Regular Latex Condom?

UK-based company They Fit have made the world's smallest condom, as research shows millions of men search for smaller sizes online every day. World the condom online no one really wants to admit their package doesn't fill out a condom, UK-based company, They Fit say it's a problem faced by millions of men.

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Their xxxx has shown that an increasing number of men are searching for smaller sized condoms every day. And now world may finally have a solution, as they have started selling the world's smallest condom.

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A regular condom measures around 7. They Online have produced condoms which start at just condom. Do the problems remain?

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The website features a series of graphics which highlight the lack of difference between a regular condom and smaller ones previously sold to the public. This online, they claim, is all to do with nominal width, a measurement that is printed on every condom box in Europe, but is something most men have never heard of.

World's smallest condom now exists - and it could make a huge difference to your sex life

As well as the world's smallest condoms, They Fit offer 65 other sizes to ensure men can find their perfect condom. World customer who reviewed their products wrote: By Courtney Pochin Audience Writer. You can now buy the world's smallest condom Image: