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I want to receive the best daily and weekly boobs pics. All questions and suggestions you can send us on email: Christina Luccialso known as Christina Model, is an American Erotic model and actress, the first recognizable non-nude Photos Model.

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She was born in New Jersey and became famous after modeling graphic t-shirts with phrases regarding her big boobs. The photos went viral around the year of Lucci became famous because of that, even though the pictures had no information about her. At that first moment, she was model phenomenon of the internet photos was still anonymous.

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No one knew who she was despite her pictures being all over the web. After becoming nude for the viral photos of her huge tits in t-shirts, Lucci started modeling on a site of her own.

christina lucci: Photo Search Results

In the photos of her site, her old men cock galleries, despite being nude, christina resembled the size they appeared on the t-shirt pictures that made her famous.

The content was erotic, featuring Lucci in many photoshoot sets model different clothes. She would, also, shoot videos christina while her boobs bounce, showing they were big but natural. After some time, she started to incorporate some scenes where she would wear wet t-shirts or change behind a sheer curtain. Then, her model step photos to christina videos and pictures of her topless, but underwater.

The amount of time she took to go topless won her the title of "ultimate tease" in Internet nude.