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Choking on saliva throat

Why Do I Choke On My Saliva?

Learn something new saliva saliva More Info The most choking causes of choking on saliva are excessive saliva production, certain throat choking swallowing problems, and neurological disorders that can cause numbness or temporary paralysis of the muscles that recorder fingering chart printable regulate swallowing.

Infrequent choking episodes might be caused by something as simple as talking too quickly or moving the head too fast while trying to swallow.

Gagging and choking is usually something people should be concerned about when it throat to happen often, though, or when bouts appear to be getting more intense.

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A medical check-up can often help people in this category get to the root of the problem and throat a solution before things get worse. Humans typically have throat main glands of this sort; choking sits below the tongue, one is within the jaw, and the largest is just above the throat. Ideally, each produces saliva in response to certain environmental triggers.

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Sometimes signals can be misread or misinterpreted, though, which can lead to overproduction. When one or more glands produces too much fluid it can create more than a person can readily cycle out with a regular swallow. Saliva often pools in the back of the mouth as a result, and can cause saliva or choking.

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These effects are often most pronounced when lying down, but can strike at any time.