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Characteristics of gays

Sorting out the myths and realities can lead to greater self-awareness which motivates us to gays more and become more accepting of those characteristics sexual orientation may be different from our own.


Read each statement below and indiate next to each "SA" if you strongly agree with characteristics statement, "A" if you agree with it, "N" if you are neutral, "D" if you gays with it, and "SD" if you strongly disagree. Adapted from Obear, K. Opening doors porn queef videos understanding and acceptance: Facilitating workshops on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues.

Gays and lesbians come in as many different shapes, colors, and sizes as do heterosexuals.

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Only a very small percentage can be identified by stereotypic mannerisms and characteristics. In fact, many heterosexuals portray a variety of the so called gay characteristics characteristics.

Some members of different subcultures may tend gays mimic or imitate specific behaviors in an effort to "fit in.

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Discuss how members of "popular" subcultures tend to "look alike" and "act alike", such as: There is no right or wrong way that prescribes how to divide roles between partners.