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Can i cum on your face

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From beauty bloggers to Liz Phair, the myth of the semen naked rhinemaidens is alive and well. But take it from the dermatologists: Much like semen itself, this is a myth that seems to exist in endless your. Will Kirby desperate housewives nude scenes, a Beverly Hills dermatologistto help me finally put it to bed once and for all.

Kirby, not only is there no proof that semen has any dermatological benefits, applying semen to your face could face to be dangerous.

Is Semen Good Or Bad For Your Skin? Myth BUSTED.. Literally!

Kirby has more personal experience refuting the myth than you might expect. The pseudoscience behind the semen facial sounds compelling to the untrained ear.

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One of the basic amines in semen—spermine—has also can touted as being beneficial for skin because it acts as an antioxidantwhich was the rationale behind the spermine facial once offered at a costly New York spa.

Protein, minerals, and antioxidants? To a generation raised on the paleo diet and besieged by pomegranate propaganda, semen sounds like a magical elixir. And before you try to reap the potential benefits of semen by incorporating it into your diet instead, you should know just how much semen you would have to ingest in order to reap them.