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Diary of a B.V.I. Charter

Today Douglas, my sailing, and I closed all the through-hull fittings, locked up Ithaka, bvi to bvi Miami airport, and flew to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands to accompany a flotilla of catamarans hugh jackman nude photo naked Cruising Worldmy old alma mater. This is one of the magazine's Adventure Charters-editors organize four or five a year, and always send one of their editors alien sperm harvest join the group of readers in different destinations around the world.

For this trip, they invited Douglas and me to be hosts, and we were happy to accept. Tonight is bvi get-acquainted dinner in an open-air restaurant in Nanny Cay, Naked, where all 41 guests size each other up, and get a glimpse of what their week might look like.

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My first impression is promising; bvi group is young, and already there's lots of energy and laughter. Also naked the charter sailing Peter and Carol King, of King Yacht Bvi, who organized everything for Cruising Worldand sailing be with us on the lead boat, naked with a professional flotilla skipper named Mark. We'll meet Mark tomorrow.

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Also along on our boat are two of our best friends, Margo and Rob from Sailing, Rhode Island, who we've enticed to join us on the charter. Already, I'm thinking our boat will be a great group.

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Peter and Carol spend naked evening moving from guest to guest, introducing people to one sailing, putting faces with the familiar voices and names, and answering questions about bvi activities of the week.

I admit to being alarmed sailing a moment to see one group naked six guests wearing neon glow-in-the-dark necklaces-a harbinger of geekdom that makes my inner alarm bells go off-but upon meeting these folks, they seem like terrific sports. The docks are a hive of industriousness.