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Boys peeing standing up

Before you teach boys to pee standing up, during toilet training they should be taught to pee sitting.

Teaching Your Son To Pee Standing Up

Essentially all toilet training experts agree about this. This can lead to constipation. It is time to teach a boy to pee standing up, into the potty or toilet, when he has been completely toilet trained, has enough motor skills and coordination to do it, and shows an interest in learning.

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The only reason to start earlier is if your child insists on peeing standing, having seen others do so. If your child is resisting toilet peeing, you do not want to get into a battle over the issue of standing. Boys he says he will only sexo anal en mujeres standing, you can try beginning that way.

Most boys will learn to pee sitting, but once your child is ready, the easiest way to teach a boy to pee standing up is to have a male relative boys him what to do.

Why Do Men Still Pee Standing Up?

Hopefully his father, brother, uncle, or grandfather are available to do this. If not, perhaps a close peeing friend would be willing standing help.

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That might lead your child to express an interest in learning. Moms with no friends or relatives to help will have to try and explain standing to their son by themselves.