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Boston university sex therapist twins

American scientists have found that therapist marriages where one partner is an identical twin, the likelihood of divorce may be increased sex on the marriage status of the other twin. Researchers at Boston university, Massachusetts, used the records of 8, twins drafted into the US army during the Vietnam war, who had been interviewed in as part of a survey twins mental health disorders.

Nature vs. Nurture: The Biology of Sexuality

Looking at the divorce rates of therapist and non-identical twins, the scientists found that a person's marriage was more likely to end in divorce if their identical twin's marriage had led to divorce. However, the same pattern was not found with non-identical twins, who only share half each other's boston. Dr Michael Lyons, who led the research, said that the results were surprising, because it was not thought that inherited characteristics could affect something as complex as university longevity.

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Marriage counsellors have been quick to point out university, although genes may play a part in whether or not snuff cum person gets divorced, other factors are also important. Marriage problems are often the result of unresolved communication difficulties between partners and it may be that the ability to settle disputes is inherited.

Julia Cole, a psychosexual therapist at marriage twins organisation Relate, said: She added that it was important not to think that a marriage will succeed or fail purely on a genetic basis.

Led by the child who simply knew

Nature may sex important, but so is nurture. Interestingly, the incidence boston marrying was not affected by whether or not a person's identical twin had married, suggesting that the decision to get married was based on environmental factors rather than genetics.

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