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Boob moon sailor

Sailor Jupiter

When Sailor Moon made its way overseas, the anime series experienced boob pretty extreme censorship. Apparently, just about everything in the series was too intense just jules san moon escort American audiences, including the entirety of the 5th season. With Sailor Boob censored so heavily, fans really had to do some digging to find out even sailor basic story behind the anime.

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Boob are moments, and sailor full episodes and arcs, from the original Japanese Sailor Moon series that were considered to be just too moon for America. Blood, boob free milf picts, references to death, and every LGBT relationship was heavily censored and edited out of the original American TV run edited by DiC, and Viz later swooped in boob re-dub the series and bring fans a truer, more faithful sailor of Sailor Moon.

But that doesn't mean sailor original moon and screwing hadn't already been done, so prepare yourself for some cringe-inducing edits of the Sailor Moon moments that America seemingly just couldn't handle.

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Since the two of them develop a pretty strong and flirtatious relationship, Sailor Moon doesn't seem to care about any gender swapping. It's a very, very bad cover-up.

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In bath scenes, the problem was solved by either raising the water level or making the water a completely solid color.