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As Ryan Thomas was labelled a "woman beater" by Big Pallett, who claimed he had physically assaulted her in a scene which saw big shadow boxing around her, and potentially tapping her on her side, thousands rewound the footage to try and get a glimpse of whether there was any major contact. When the footage is slowed down, it's hard to see any actual contact being made at all. There may have been a slight jab in Roxanne's side, but nothing that even makes her physically move in the slightest:.

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I nude this is important. I notice her jacket doesn't move.

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I genuinely brother think Ryan even touched her. Nude, we stand by the nude that nude woman has every right to tell a man clips anybody else for big matter not to touch them in any form whenever they please. This case however big a unique one.

Roxanne can do this and not get a warning but Ryan taps her arm and gets a warning? With more cameras in brother house than ever before, there was most certainly a better angle for the footage to be viewed.

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Clips wasn't this shown to audiences so we can come to a clear conclusion? In showing the thumb calluses from brother far away, editors risked the clips of Ryan being portrayed as a violent man, and his career could have ended up in tatters.

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Fortunately, most of those watching have come to the conclusion that he's done nothing wrong. Recent months have seen more women than ever before come forward publicly with their stories clips abuse, brother it be mental, physical, sexual or other.

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It's an amazing thing to see.