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We had at least three of them running in the Meriden - Wallingford area. Using hacked sprint list distance numbers the BBS was also capable of dialing out to establish "secure" connections.

Comparison of Internet forum software

It seemed that everyone that we knew was able to make, break, and copy software. One bbs KB memory, 3 disk drives with custom hardware interrupts. The software used was called Chaos. It was an OS that Skolnik developed and tried to sell. He was a kid genius forum spoke machine code as fluently as English.

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The hijinks that went on in that era were a hoot. Many users made attempts at crashing the system. Not a very nice thing to do.

Bulletin board system

Most memorable moment was a loud knock on the door from an FBI agent who was investigating a bank robbery. Considering the mass of hacked printed sprint numbers sonya walger nude clips hand the FBI encounter was nudist rattling.

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Another more jaded memory was the quantity of pornography that was being distributed on the Computer Bulletin Board systems. Those were the days.

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Some of my best memories ever were from this time.