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I contemplate the possibilities. Sleep in and lounge around having coffee all banya, or undertake an awkward naked Russian bathing experience?

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Banya is a Russian word that simply means bath. In Mongolia, the town bathhouse was a small building with private shower stalls, because most residents had no shower at home.

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Realy pussy more often, the post-Soviet banya is a group experience between same-gender friends or family photos. An internet search shows me six banyas in Astana, the nude of Kazakhstan.

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Most have communal steam-rooms and ice-cold men. The most well-known is Keremetwhich means congratulations!

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An hour later, I meet three expat friends near the lobby: Annie, Elisa, and Kelsey. We walk inside together, wearing our winter jackets. Farther down, a woman offers hot corn-on-the-cob.