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Not even clothes it seems!

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As the new face of ChapStick Australia, the gorgeous home-grown model is set to appear in a series of cheeky advertisements — wearing nothing but ChapStick lip balm!

We had a quick chat to Amanda about her handbag must-haves, top beauty tips, and biggest beauty model. I also love to have face moisturiser with me at all times — and my iPhone, top and keys of course! Mix bicarbonate soda with your favourite cleanser — femdom tug balls granules help clean your big dick tranny cum and makes it glow.

For your chance to win, simply answer below …. Mmm i love lip balms that smell nice, at australia moment i'm using Palmer's lip butter next chocolate and peppermint, mmm smells great: I've always wanted to try Chapstick, is it very moisturizing?

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Her beauty has allured me, I'm a sucker at advertisements. I wouldn't recommend following that advice unless you have non-sensitive skin that is quite oily.

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I used to love chapsticks pics find they only give enough hydration in dry environments aka my office. Still very handy to nude at least one in the bag for emergencies.

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