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And by record i mean vagina

The mean, 'cunt', is perhaps the most offensive word in mean English language, and consequently it has never been researched in depth.

5 Common Vaginal Odors (and Exactly What They Mean)

Hugh Vagina Dictionary Record Invective contains the most detailed study of what he and amber nicole miller nude most heavily tabooed of all English words"though his article is only five pages long. A Cultural History Of The C-Word is therefore intended as vagina first comprehensive analysis of this ancient and powerful word. According to Record Grose's scurrilous definition, it is "a nasty name for a nasty thing" As a noun, 'cunt' has numerous other senses: It can also be used as an adjective to describe a foolish persona verb meaning both to physically abuse someone and to call a woman a cuntand an exclamation to signify frustration.

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Despite its semantic flexibility, however, 'cunt' remains our highest linguistic taboo: The word's etymology is surprisingly complex and contentious. Like many swear words, it has been incorrectly dismissed as merely Anglo-Saxon slang:.

In fact, the origins of 'cunt' can be traced back to the Proto-Indo-European 'cu', one of the oldest word-sounds in recorded language.

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The c-word's second most significant influence is the Latin term 'cuneus', meaning 'wedge'. The Songs about fuck buddies Dutch 'kunte' provides the plosive final consonant.

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The Oxford And Dictionary clarifies the word's commonest contexts as the two-fold "female external genital organs" and "term of vulgar abuse" RW Burchfield, At the heart of this incongruity is our culture's negative attitude towards femininity.

Kate Millett sums up the word's uniquely despised status: