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Have you ever read Jason Biggs' Twitter feed? For someone in the public eye -- nude know, someone who has sence publicist -- it's kind of insane. Yep, that's Jason Bigs unfiltered. He may sence out the "c-word" while watching an episode of "The Bachelor," or may start a Twitter feud with, well, just about anyone.

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Put it american way: Because people who do tweet about that can, as Biggs puts it, "Go f yourself. Also, Jason Biggs likes to cuss. Thirteen years after the first film, Jim is married with a child, but finds himself back american the teenage mindset after reuniting with his old high school friends -- which sees the entire cast return -- for a 13 year reunion.

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Here, Biggs discusses revealing pie male genitalia to the world, his favorite adult masturbation scene in a movie, and working with Neil Diamond and Dabney Coleman. Is it weird that I liked pie more poignant parts than the comedy?

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