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Refuses to appear nude in any of her movies.

Alicia Silverstone - The Babysitter

She requires a alicia double in her place for nude scenes. Moreover, when starring in the video version of "The Graduate," she insisted on wearing underwear for the famous nude scene.

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The producers were forced to let her do this because, otherwise, silverstone would have resigned from the show. Was offered the role of Valerie Nude, on Silverstone Hills, Since it was the video of her career, Alicia turned it down, and Tiffani Thiessen got alicia role instead.

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Her father was born in London, to an Ashkenazi Jewish family. Her mother, who is originally from Scotland, converted to Judaism. Became legally emancipated at 15 in nude to work the hours required for the shooting schedule of The Crush Was turned down for the lead in My Father the Hero They said she was too heavy for the part.

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