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80 s sci fi movies with boobs

Alas, this is hardly the only, or the most egregious, case of gratuitous nudity or scanty costuming in science fiction.

10 Actresses Who Are Basically Nude For The Entire Movie

We — gratuitously — gather together a few more examples to highlight the issue…. The thing about women is we generally prefer to look at Sean Connery in a suit than in a loincloth and bandoleros.

Were they trying to make Sean Connery seem unattractive?

women to women sex positions

And everyone knows that giant slugs like their slave girls hot chinese teen nude clad ew.

Clothes literally get in the way of her aim in life.

Top 10 sci-fi movies | Film | The Guardian

They just wanted a naked supermodel in their monster movie. Her nudity lures her victims in close so she can extract their lifeforce and use it. Why are these alien types so nudey? She has to strip down some so that she can be injected with the potentially-deadly Extremis potion.