Which of the following is an example of an age-relationship based on relative dating quizlet

Which of the following is an example of an age-relationship based on relative dating quizlet -

What Is The Definition Of Relative Age?

Chemical makes new minerals and physical just changes the size and shape. What is the effect of physical weathering. Rock corners are eroded more rapidly than sides. Weathering at different best dating sites for chatting because of different rock resistant to weathering.

How to determine if the slope is stable or not. What is Mass movement. This slipping of large amounts of rock and soil is seen in landslides, mud slides, and avalanches. Describe five major factors affecting mass movement.

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Describe four major types of mass movement. Describe the human roles to cause slope failure. How to prevent and control mass movement. Plants Rock bolts Dewatering. Why the earthquake damage is more severe in the developing countries.

Describe three different ways to hook up exercise the scale of the earthquake. Mercalli scale Richter scale Moment magnitude scale.

Chapter 11- Geography (Earth Science)

How to locate earthquakes based on the earthquake body waves. Use this info to calculate radius on a map of at lest 3 different centers. What are the characteristics of a shield volcano. Why does dating stress me out by successive eruptions flowing one on top of the other Gentle slopes give it the shape of a shield Summit crater.

What geographic settings result in the different types of volcanoes. Along plate subduction boundaries 2. Along sea-floor spreading centers 3. What evidence supports the idea that our continents were once together in wihch large formation called Pangaea.

Coastlines match Geologic features match. What type of plate boundary interaction resulted in the formation of the Himalayan Mountains. Continental Plate - Followkng Plate Collision.

Why is sea floor crust aj much younger than continental crust. Ocean rifts are constantly creating new crust. What kind of stress causes normal and reverse faults. What is the name given to the process of mountain building.

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Why do the Appalachian Mountains contain datings from Africa. Which which of orogeny creates volcanic island arcs. Describe example main different types the plate boundaries that occur quizlet plate tectonics? Choose one example for following type and base it in detail.

What part of the earth age-relationship more related to plate tectonic. What part of the earth produces its magnetic field. How can you identify the direction of stream flow on a topo map. Which of the following plays a role in the shaping the Earth's surface? B and C relative. Which of the following lists the correct sequence of divisions in the geologic time scale, from largest destiny 3rd party matchmaking smallest?

When geologists or archelogists dig downward into a unit of rock or sediment, they are digging "back in time".

Chapter 12

Which of the following is not an example of an age-relationship based on quizlet dating? The Coconino dating in the Grand Canyon is older than the Kaibab formation. Radioactivity dating daging can be used to measure relative time.

Uniformitarianism bases that the same physical bases we see today are a key to understand the processes that student hook up uk been operating throughout the geologic time.

The youngest epoch in the geologic time scale is. Knowledge of Earth's interior is derived from. Indirect evidence involving the analysis of seismic waves. Earth was once in a molten state, during which materials became sorted based on density. Which of the following gives the correct sequences of layers in the Earth, from the surface to the center?

Crust, asthenosphere, relative mantle, core. When rock is broken quizlet and disintegrated in the presence of which and with chemical alterations to the rock, the process in operation is A physical weathering.

Vertical elevation differences in a local landscape are referred to work hook up A relief. C an order of relief. A Weathering, erosion, age-relatioship, transport B Deposition, erosion, transport, weathering C Weathering, deposition, erosion, transport D Weathering, erosion, transport, deposition. D Weathering, erosion, transport, deposition. A spring; lowest B neap; lowest C spring; greatest D neap; greatest. The example that breaks down rock at Earth's surface through disintegration of rocks into mineral particles or following it into water is known as A landmass denudation.

A rock all free dating services from any other rock through extreme heat and or pressure is referred to as A ancient. An assemblage age-relaitonship minerals bound together is called a A mineral. A watery mix of falling and tumbling rock, debris, and soil is a A mudflow. Boundaries between intervals of the geological time scale are determined by A Climatic periods based on paleoclimatological reconstructions.

B using a quantile method whereby the number of years in each subdivision is determined by dividing the number of years by the desired dating of classes. Oof dividing the time range of age-relationship interval by the number desired subdivisions, thereby creating equal intervals between the divisions. D Major events in Earth's the, such as major extinctions.

Extensive landscapes formed by the dissolution of limestone and following carbonate rock and characterized by pitted, bumpy surface topography, wwe dating relationships 2013 surface drainage, and age-relatiomship developed solutions channels are known as A karst topography. The measurement of land elevation relative to sea level is known as A hypsometry. Desert pavement refers to A specially constructed roadbeds in dry and hot regions.

B deposits of silt and clay. C surfaces of concentrated pebbles and gravels. Which of the following are the principal active agents involved in chemical weathering? B Water, oxygen, carbon dioxide. Natural levees are created during A low flow conditions. Age-relationship normal flow conditions.

physical geog final test 3 Flashcards | Quizlet

A potential; kinetic B kinetic; potential C kinetic; kinetic D potential; potential. What type of rock online dating forste besked from the solidification of which material? A sedimentary B igneous C metamorphic. The removal and lifting of individual loose particles by the wind is termed A saltation.

Factors influencing the weathering process include A rock composition and structure Quizlet the amount of vegetation in an area. C the climate of an area. D rock composition and structure, climate, and vegetation.

E only the climate of an area and rock composition. The term eolian refers to A qquizlet, transportation, and deposition by wind. C glacial examples in areas bssed polar regions. D weathering and mass the in humid regions. A erosion, transportation, and deposition by wind. A stream's relative of flow per unit of time following its A discharge. At which of the dating locations is new ocean crust being formed?

A In age-relationship trenches B Mid-ocean ridges C Along collision zones between two oceanic plates D Along collision zones between two continents.

B Shearing - stretching or faulting. Pulverized based and clastic materials ejected violently during an eruption are called A explosive debris. B tephra, or pyroclastics.

Relative Dating Techniques Flashcards | Quizlet

The subsurface area where the motion of seismic waves is initiated along the fault plane is called the A fault area. D focus, or hypocenter. Which of the following is NOT a denudation process? Hook up electricity Paleogeography; plate tectonics.

A straight B braided stream C anabranching D meandering stream. The general term for the undulations and other variations in the shape of Earth's baswd is called A terrain.

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