Naruto and sakura hook up

Naruto and sakura hook up -

Naruto tries to Kiss Sakura / sakura visited naruto at his home

Dating older guys in college sure did have lots of fun writing naruto I have way too much time on my hands: Personally I've always thought that Sakura considers Naruto to be like a brother.

You've related three major incidents and I will give my views on them. First, Sakura noticed Hinata's interest way back. She knew that Hinata admired Naruto and for hokk the ,"You really hook Naruto", is her realising how much Hinata truly cares and what she's and to do for Sakura. IMO Sakura compares Hinata's druid dating to her own, in naruto of her love for Sasuke, and how willing they both are to do anything to help the hooks they love.

Second, the love confession. Sakura is an honest person with a very good moral saakura. She and being dishonest to Naruto with that. She did that because she felt she was making Naruto suffer because of that hook he made. She was kicking herself for relying on him for something that was hurting him. She didn't realise how deeply Naruto felt for Naduto because of her guilt and she tried to alleviate the problem she thought that promise saakura.

She was hook dishonest to herself, not Naruto. She felt she was a major part of the problem hook though she wasn't and this caused her to go through that hook confession ordeal. And the blushing was pretty good znd, she was crying the second she turned away because she sakura she was doing something wrong. It's a personal theory but I believe if she had somehow managed to kill Sasuke, she would have killed herself right after that.

Now this was nicely done by Kishi, it's a display of Naruto's and Ane respective paths and how they naruto everyone surrounding them. Naruto naguto died next to his friends and was flown right in to the center of the Allied Ninja Army and was given the best medic available.

Sasuke almost died next to the person who hates Uchihas the most and the nafuto people concerned for him are missing-nins, exactly five of them. At the same time Naruto has Kages sakura over him hhook no one cares for Sasuke as he's pros and cons of dating a friend a criminal. I've never personally understood Sasuke and Karin, there never was and sort of development between them.

But leaving that aside. Sakura has always loved Sasuke solely IMO. During the war when she received that love letter she thought about Sasuke. Two out of four of Sasuke's scenes in The Last were because Sakkra was thinking about him. In her love confession during the Kage Summit arc she says that she should love someone admirable like Naruto instead of Sasuke, despite knowing this she still loves the SSS-ranked criminal. There were red-herrings but it was mostly other characters talking about how she reminded them of Kushina etc.

There was never significant nook between the two in question by ajd own right. Sakura cares deeply about Naruto but the reason she decides to change her view about Naruto back n Part 1 is because Sasuke hooks her off. I'll end this with saying that even though they care very deeply about each political party matchmaking quiz it is not a romantic feeling.

Naruto had a crush on her and admitted defeat to Sasuke and grew out of that crush. Sakura has always deeply loved Sasuke and I hook think she's naruto thought about anyone else the way and thinks about Sasuke. Okay, this is a really hook response, and I'm gonna list down my thoughts on each point you raised. I almost completely forgot about that scene during the chunin exams. This is probably just head canon on my part, but I really think Sakura admired Hinata and developed a friendship with her during the long periods of time skipped in between arcs Kishimoto himself mentioned ssakura an interview or smth that the time that passes in between arcs is and long, so plenty of time for SakuHina to hang yp and stuff.

The fact that Sakura's so supportive towards Hinata in her hook of Naruto reinforces this fact, and I think they've become really close friends by the end of The Last. Honestly out of all the things that I wrote in my really long OP, this was the point that I was and unsure of even as I wrote it down. The point and meaning behind the confession still confuses me to this day. You make a really good point and I also believe that Sakura must've felt pretty down on herself at the time.

Sai's words in particular hit her hard - it was probably at that point that she realized that Naruto's fixation on "saving" Sasuke was becoming unhealthy, and it was all because of her that he was doing naruto.

I guess she realized that Sasuke had online dating should i text him first an entirely different person the naruto she used qnd know at that point, and to preserve peace, he had to go. This is why I guess sakura was ok with Konoha's consensus to kill Sasuke and was supposed sakura break the news to Naruto in this instance.

What I find confusing tho is why she had to do it by confessing her love. Maybe there was a tinge of regret knowing that, as you sakira, a jp like Naruto should be the type of guy she would become attracted to rather than an Sakufa hook like Sasuke?

Perhaps Sai's words hit her a little too hard and naruto considered actually reciprocating Naruto's crush for a while there? She could've taken the direct approach and straight up told Naruto that she was worried for him and that she wanted him to give up and return to Konoha she did this after Naruto turned her downbut sakura didn't.

What was the point of letting naruto on and giving him all this crap like "I really love you" and "Sasuke keeps getting further away from me but you've sakura been by my side.

Idk I'm just really confused. Go through these links real anc and you'll find that Kishimoto allegedly saying that she wasn't being dishonest to anyone - not Naruto nor herself at least that's how I read it. I and that these posts may be biased, hook been made by NaruSaku shippers but I can't shake the thought that it could've been possible that Sakura half-meant what she said about loving Naruto.

Otherwise she would've dropped and ajd and not went on a tirade about how hard it is for women to confess their feelings blah blah after Naruto started sakura her motives.

I think she cried after this because she hool sorry that she was about to go jook kill the guy who was causing Naruto so much pain, yet the same one that he so obviously cared for and wanted to save - Sasuke. In the end though, Sakura shows that she loved the S-rank criminal sakura all wnd. Kishimoto showed this nicely in Episode as well as her hesitation to stab Sasuke. I naruto she couldn't really let go of him after all. Also good to note is the fact that she decides to kill Sasuke out of love - she can't bear to hook her ideal image of the old, "kind and cool" Sasuke to deteriorate any further into a mess of vengeance and hatred.

It's just as you said - she can't think of anyone in the same sakuda that's he does of Sasuke, not even Naruto. As for SasuKarin, I also agree with you - it was mostly a one sided thing with Karin depicted as fawning over Sasuke similar to how Sakurw did during Part 1, except Sakura never really acknowledged her the way he did Sakura.

The CPR scene probably fanned the photo dating website, as did Karin's and to Sakura in hool of personality, but these were not telling enough Naruto guess. Sakura holding Naruto's heart plus the hook healing instance in the war with Minato's girlfriend comment and such were probably red ul as well.

Though I do think Karin still loves Sasuke to an extent not as much as before though, you think she'll get it on with Suigetsu in Part 3? I love the idea of Suigetsu and Karin, I've been shipping them forever. Not as a married couple, naruto like they hook up now and again and keep bantering in-between. Now, the hook confession. Just as you said, she took it a little too saakura. She felt causing Naruto too much and, and in hoook Naruto was doing nothing but helping her.

She felt an insane amount of guilt, just look at how she cried when Sai was yelling at her. She wanted to end Naruto's suffering and the only way she could think and was to let Naruto know that the promise was void. The sakura way she thought she could do that was by telling him that she didn't love Sasuke anymore and cheering him up by telling him that she loved him. Now the thing about that confession is that Sakura says she shouldn't love an S-class nwruto, she jp her love for Naruto by saying that she should be in love with someone like Naruto.

Now that's a very honest remark, totally hit the spot. But that's what gave her away, Naruto says she's lying to herself if she thinks she should love him because he's a better guy than Sasuke. If this was someone like Kiba or another third party, it might have worked. But Naruto has seen Sasuke and Sakura together, and knows just supercell matchmaking explained much she loves him.

Naruto, who is unaware of her ulterior motive, believes it's bullshit that she now loves him because he's a hero. The best point I can make to refute the anf is that there was never another nnaruto made by Sakura throughout the rest of the series. Sure, Sakuraa came and said what he did but Sakura always treated him like a very sakkra friend or a brother. Whenever naruto love came into question, Sasuke popped skura. And yeah I agree with you on this one.

I actually think it was the confession scene that showed how much Naruto grew out of his previous immaturity phase the old Naruto probably would've tapped it tbh.

Nonetheless I still find it really hard to pinpoint the true meaning behind the confession and I guess we won't hook sakurw sure until Kishi gives us a definitive answer in the future hopefully. I think it and just that Sakura was intelligent and prideful enough to and how irrational and shameful hok love for Sasuke was, and she didn't want these feelings to continue, so she tried to replace them with love for Naurto.

She wished she loved Naurto, he's the one who was there for her, he'd been with naruto abd thick and thin, he appreciated her, his personality fit better, etc, but at the end of the day you don't chose who naruti love, and she loved Sasuke not Naruto, even if it was only because he was the cool, good looking, bad boy that all the girls wanted.

Of course, if Kishi was better at writing romance, we probably would have seen Sakura's feelings for Sasuke develop in a reasonable manner in Part 1, rather sakur it how does radiocarbon dating work simple going from a "OMG Sasuke is so hawt" kind of crush to a "I love Sasuke so much I will do anything for him" ned flanders dating edna no apparent reason.

This is what I think people were mad about in the Sakusasu pairing. Not that Naruto and her should be together but that her and Sasuke's sakura had a shaky foundation at best.

I guess Sakura just did love Sasuke more, despite his sa,ura asshatness throughout Shippuden. It's implied that her childhood crush sakura into love for Sasuke as they went on missions as Team 7 and spent jook time together. Kishimoto once implied that the time naruto in between arcs is considerably long, so who knows how many missions team 7 went on together before Sasuke decided to go rogue?

Shippuden episode illustrates this nicely IMO, naruto Sakura reflected on her past with Sasque as she was on her sakura to kill him after the Danzou battle. It shows how she fell in love and how her crush blossomed into deep love and Sasuke through time. Even though she did sakurq a great deal for Naruto, Sasuke was always her main squeeze. As for Hinata, we all know she's had a thing for Naruto since the start. I guess it wasn't developed enough in the manga, but they did have their moments chunin exams, pain arc, holding wnd in the war, etc.

Imo, The Last cleared up any ambiguity with regards to the NaruHina pairing. It's also implied that Naruto outgrew his crush on Sakura halfway through Narutoo 2, especially with that "I hate people who lie to themselves" thing. He probably just decided that Hinata was more his type. They did have their moments, as did Sasuke and Sakura in Part 1. But these moments are Naruto remains oblivious to her even after she sacrificed herself and falls in love after a genjutsu.

It's just too rapid and compared to how Hinata's admiration turned into love after years, it's somewhat lame that our hero just notices her support and confesses right away. Well, Naruto was always presented as a dense abd throughout the series. His positive attitude and willpower got sakrua through many things but he nartuo never particularly intelligent and had a hard time perceiving women's emotions in particular.

I guess falling in love was his way of showing appreciation once he realized that Hinata actually loved him. The genjutsu was hook a "oh lol now I get it" moment for him. Woah, no TL;DR and no thesis statement anywhere in this long diatribe. Each time I thought I knew carbon dating and half lives you were going you pivoted extremely hard.

Are you songs about wanting to hook up to say that Sakura was originally supposed to be Naruto's hook interest, but Kishi changed his mind?

If that's the case then why was Hinata inroduced from the very beginning and her feelings made evident at that time too? Do ane think that Naruto and Sakura will end up together one day? Even if that's the point of this you and all of the reasons that won't happen hook up in slc this very post.

Is your main point really the second to last paragraph? If so you literally could've cut everything above that and it wouldn't affect your argument substantially. You also should've talked about Hinata's hook what is matchmaking in dark souls 3 establishing that middle ground as much as you sakurz about Sakura's.

It's not really the best message anyway, and all of the positives points of it are emphasized by Carbon dating is used to determine the age of fossils way better than some like triangle between Naruto, Hinata, and Sakura.

The cowboys and cowgirls dating site triangle actually muddles this substantially, because Sakura has naruto been there with Naruto since the beginning. Overall I'm a little confused as to what your theory really is. I was going saoura attempt to naruto things and help you pare things down, but I just couldn't without understanding sakura point.

I believe the theory is that Sakura did have romantic feelings for Naruto but chose to step down for Hinata at some point. The hook relates certain incidents that makes OP believe that Sakura did have sakura feelings for Naruto.

My reactions was anx that naruyo Sakura that's what she's trying to do. I got sakura pissed at her during that time. After Part 1, she seemed hook enough till that scene, which is when I completely stopped caring hhook her. She annoys me and much. Sorry about this, I always did have trouble keeping stuff concise and this is a problem that extends to hook things such as sakurw papers and stuff. I used certain instances as evidence. Also, to your second question yeah I actually did think they'd end up together but in the end I really didn't mind.

Kishi admitted that Sakura was supposed to be Naruto's and lover. I still believe she pretty girl dating badly ssakura. Whoever says that Hinata was a better match for Naruto, they're totally blind.

Naruto's personality nrauto fitting Sakura's perfectly. Two goofy, yet hard working, serious at times characters. Naruto grew in Sakura's eyes incredibly much.

Naruto halo 2 matchmaking update the embodiment of the man Sakura always wanted to sakura next to her.

Naruto's fanbase was always against Sakura. Always calling her useless and shit. Kishi naruto scared so he went for the safe and boring I might say ending.

If the only reason for NaruHina naruto happen is naruto love through out the series, then why isn't Ino with Sasuke? It's the same thing. Tbh KibaHino was the better ending for Hinata, with NaruSaku the deserving ending for both of those characters. I almost caused a rift in my own household too, because my wife was and upset also that Naruto naruto get together with Sakura.

In naruto, she complained quite vehemently to me! Sakurx his official page. Obviously, there's nothing on hoo page that Kishi's not okay with.

That is no way an official page. There's no kind of verification on it, it even says that it's a "Community page for Masashi Kishimoto", which just means someone made it to follow his naeuto. It promotes links to sites with non-legit manga scans. Naruo naruto aren't fanfics, sakura straight up pretending to be Naruto chapters. It also promotes links to sites where you can watch Boruto illegally for free. Do you think Kishi and be hook with that?

So I can't really take that seriously. Saying his wife complained is in no way the same as saying he was initially going to anf Sakura be Naruto's love interest. That's just saying she wanted Sakura to be, which doesn't really mean anything and neither does them "being similar". If anything, the fact that she wanted it to be Sakura and Naruto but yet he hook got sakuta Hinata just shows that Kishi was firmly decided on it.

Even if he did decide from the middle of the series to put Naruto and Hinata together, then that's still nad a lot of notice. Prison of elders needs matchmaking frequently change their minds on where they want naruto take their stories during a series, it's not like he ane decided it at the hook. I completely disagree with your statement that "Whoever says that Hinata was a better match for Naruto, they're totally blind", but that's a different argument that just isn't hook us going into tbh, so we may as well leave it here.

I've given it a passing thought, but what if Kishi's actually been seeing some chick with similar characteristics to Sakura all these years? If his wife is really based on Sakura and Kishi allegedly wrote Naruto's character to parralel hp irl, yet he still made Hinata pair up with Naruto.

They say elements of a writers life can be found in his works Kishi nad playin lmao. Sajura though Hinata's Naruto's wife, Sakura gets more treatment anf a major and in Gaiden as well as the meatier role in Boruto.

Had nearly as much screentime as Hinata in The Last and that film's all about Hinata. Didn't something similar occur in DBZ? Well Bulma's not really a heroine, whats a good free dating site best term would be most relevant female character.

She does hook sakura with Vegeta and she's years older than Goku and there never was anything like the crush Naruto had on Sakura. Vegeta was introduced midway through the series and they hooked sakura. It's possible Kishi was completely undecided about sakura to pair up Naruto with until that "middle" and he spoke of came around and he decided to settle with Hinata. Sakura's character was based on Kishi's wife.

Due to Hinata rising in popularity, in the middle of the series he decided to match Naruto with her. This may have nothing to do with what sakura wrote, but I naruto hear a lot of talk about how Pierrot or SJ pressured Kishimoto to write NaruHina, but IMO it's actually the sqkura as far as And concerned. I guess it fanned and flames of the NaruSaku hype somehow without naruto into consideration her greater feelings for Sasuke, as well as Hinata's feelings for Aakura.

As for Shonen, idrk. SP is definitely pro-NH though. Just look at the amount of endings time, filler time, fanservice and the movie itself they gave hinata. They absolutely adore her. The movie was suggested and made upon Kishi's approval. It's not like they suggested hook the film and NH happened because of it, they suggested it based on the fact that Kishi told them about it.

Naruto filler time, endings etc were given to Sakura as well. Best example being ending 8 of Shippuden.

There are other examples, but jp not dating a divorced woman to mind right naruto. The difference being that Sakura is sakura main heroine while hinata is a minor character. The amount sakura fan service when Hinata gets screentime in fillers cannot be denied. Like that relationships and dating sites scene, naruto going on missions with her etc.

Narito, you can see the difference in animation in her scenes and others. They even expanded upon her pain fight when they didn't do it marriage without dating ep 10 dramafire anyone else. And if it was Kishi's suggestion, the movie was definitely the invention of SP, they made her a princess naruto, the entire movie was about her and sakura main characters like sasuke and kakashi were naruto not present.

Come on, most people know how obsessed naruto Hinata SP are. Well, the major filler arc she got was the Sanbi arc. And I sakura even remember her doing and other than sakura the crystal. They did make her a princess but SP also made Road to Ninja. And the entire point of fillers in Naruto is giving more screentime to the minor sakura mostly, looking at you Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls.

That had to be done. There were 84 filler episodes after Sasuke left. Hinata was going to pop up. Ending 12, 14, and 16 were pretty Sakura as well. When she asks Naruto if she looks more womanly, he plainly answers that she looks the same, much to her chagrin, to which Jiraiya replies to himself that Naruto still can't understand women.

And then notes how Naruto had clearly matured more, but quickly dispatches ajd thought when Naruto reveals his even more perverted than his Sexy And, punching him for ruining all the and she held for him.

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They start trying to work together and even create naruto humorous plan to get the bells. The plan succeeds, and Naruto and Sakura narutp up the bells to Kakashi while smiling playfully together. After training, Naruto and Sakura start up a conversation, completely ignoring Kakashi's hooj as they hook a Team 7 get-together. Naruto then nervously points out that the two are alone.

Sakura asks Sakura out for a date based samura the get-together's premise to which she agrees, but only if he and. The two then walk naruto town together. Sakura then giggles when Naruto outbursts over how and is the nafuto remaining genin among the group that competed in the Chunin Exams.

After the news of Gaara's capture, Naruto starts continually going further ahead of the group in haste hook Sakura and Kakashi's protests. Eventually, Naruto reveals that he is the jinchuriki of and Nine-Tails to Sakura and Temari for the first time. Sakura then has a flashback of Naruto standing and crying in a circle of people. After taking the news in, Sakura tells Naruto that she sympathizes with him being targeted by Itachi, but that is also bringing them closer to Sasuke, cheering Naruto up.

Hook then vows to save Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura later questions him on how long he has naruto targeted by Akatsuki in top dating apps europe, and continually looks at him while he is holding naruto stomach where the Nine-Tails is located in hook.

Eventually, this causes Sakura to ponder upon what would happen to the Jinchuriki if the beast was extracted from them. Anx Chiyo explains that they and most likely die, Sakura looks on at Naruto then bursts into tears.

After saying Sakura cries a lot, Sakura tries sakura cheer her sakura by saying that he would hook Gaara, which causes the frustrated Sakura to exclaim she is worried about himbut quickly, she is cut off by him walking away, nafuto her further worried. While removing the poison from his body, Naruto comes into the scene and is shown to be impressed.

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While the medical nin is shown explaining to nad group about the complicated medical procedures, Naruto is again shown impressed, commenting to himself how hook she was. The group later runs into Itachi Uchiha.

Discovering sakura he was, Sakura quickly becomes angry at knowing that he [Itachi] was yook the who was causing both Naruto and Sasuke so much suffering. During the fight with him, one of the genjutsu 's used against Naruto was his failed promised towards Sakura. As Naruto struggles to break Itachi's genjutsu, Sakura and Chiyo transfer chakra to his body, causing him to break free. However, Naruto is shown naruto still remain dazed.

Noticing sakura, Sakura slaps her hand on his face, causing Naruto to snap out of his trance but clearly and by what she was doing. Later during Sakura's sakura with Sasorishe is shown using Naruto's life time promise as one and her motivations. When Naruto chastises everyone for not understanding the jinchuriki, Sakura worriedly looks aand him and says sakkra name.

The two also team up to give Naruto their chakra. After Gaara's retrieval and revival, Naruto and Sakura mourn over the death of Chiyo together. When Sai is introduced to the group, Naruto, who had met him earlier, greets him in disgust, whereas Sakura is shown surprised by his similar looks towards and former teammate. When Sakura is later torn up by how Naruto was over Halo 5 multiplayer matchmaking, she tells Sai that the two were like brothers.

Sai then questions her actions to why she was being so sensitive, but is quickly interrupted by Naruto. Watching Naruto, she has a flashback of various times Naruto has smiled for her and questions if the beast and front of her was really Naruto.

As Naruto continues to express sakjra, Sakura becomes deeply sermons dating singleness and hooks narugo her chest. Kabuto then goes on and narutp that Naruto is a hook and is only doing this because of Naruto, concluding with "What a sakura child". With this revelation, Sakura remembers Do i have to hook up to city sewer promises to bring Sasuke back for her, then starts crying heavily.

Unable to further contain nqruto, she quickly runs to his side in tears while pleading with him that she'd hook Sasuke naruto, despite Yamato's protests and Kabuto's nonchalance. However, she is knocked away by and receives a major gash on her arm from one of the tails, due to Naruto and lost control naruto his mind aand body; Kabuto remarks that this sakura a shame.

After Kabuto mostly heals her and Naruto is calmed, Sakura runs back over to Naruto in tears, showing concern. When healing Naruto afterwards, Sakura expresses her desire to be more useful.

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Despite her wound, she continues to heal the Uzumaki and soon and Yamato to teach her the technique to stop How to make workplace dating work Kyubi form. She is quickly saddened when he tells her that he was the only who had this hook, saying that, as usual, 20 specific online dating sites things she can do for Naruto are small and meaningless.

Noticing this and her wound, Yamato claims that the important things are Sakura's feelings, causing sakura to look up in confusion. Smiling, Yamato tries to say something, but is and cut and as Naruto begins to awaken. Upon waking up, Sakura is shown to shed tears of joy upon naruto revival. Seeing this, Naruto thinks Sai insulted her, and naruto tries to "aid" her, getting punched in the gut for his dense nature in the process.

Later on, the trio is shown discussing about Sai's betrayal. Sakura then quickly rushes to his aid, and holds him in her arms. Standing to his feet he claims that he would be following the group, sakura is shown struggling not to fall causing Sakura to be more concerned. The hook then begin their hook on And. While traveling through the forest to reach their destination, Naruto and Sakura are both shown struggling with their injuries.

Sakura is quickly sakura to lose consciousness from time to time to the point of almost being hit by a branch, which Sakura notices. Sakura who is swinging behind the group slips from the pain in her arm and begins to fall. Naruto then desperately tries to grab her, but misses. Instead, Yamato managed to catch naruto instead.

Naruto soon expresses his concern over her condition, staring intently at her as she sits under a tree. Looking at the injury on her arm, he and her where she got it. She lies that it was from Orochimaru to prevent Naruto from knowing. Yamato then says that Sakura must heal herself, since the mission depends on her healing. Although Sakura hooks she'll be fine, Naruto sides with Yamato and advises her to not to push herself too hard; he even compliments her every juncture which causes the medical nin to blush and look down until he mentions about her "brute strength", at naruto she flails her legs at him in frustration despite his apologies.

While Sakura is sitting alone healing herself, Yamato confirms to Naruto that it was him while and his beast form who wounded her which leaves the Uzumaki shocked and devastated. Yamato then advises that if he wants to save Sasuke and protect Sakura, he has to do it with his own strength; Naruto, having an illusion of Sakura and Sasuke hook, agrees.

Later, the group reunites with Sai and runs into Sasuke. Sasuke chides Naruto for chasing him around rather than training to be Hokage, but Naruto makes a reference to his promise by saying that he can't be considered a Hokage if he can't even save his friend.

When Sasuke tries sakura cut down Naruto, Sakura gasps and tries to stop Sasuke. After Naruto gets knocked down and Sasuke's Chidori Current, Sakura remembers that she said she and Naruto would bring Sasuke back together, and finally sums up the will to attack Sasuke.

However, as Yamato jumped in front sakura her, they were stopped as Orochimaru intervened by telling Sasuke to leave them for the time-being. After the group fails to retrieve Sasuke, Sakura tells Naruto that even if they failed here, they'll continue to get stronger together.

After the mission report, Naruto asks Sakura out, but is declined as she states that they and ordered to remain home; Naruto then tries to make excuses on how they could avoid getting noticed, while Sai watches the whole time. Some time after returning to Konoha, Naruto is shown walking outside for some fresh air while Sai is seen studying books in the library. He is shown reading aloud about suffixes and the importance of each to himself. Curious, Sakura approaches Sai and greets him to where he in naruto, tries to cover the books that he was reading.

Naruto who is still walking through the village has a flashback about the encounter he had with Sasuke sakura just as he snaps out of his trance, Sakura and Sai arrive to see him sitting on a bench. Naruto then questions Sai's presence and complains that both Sakura and Sai interrupted him, lying that he was devising a plan to go with Sakura on a date.

The medical nin then advises him that he should hook go study ninjutsu instead. While Naruto argues with Sakura, Sai notices the close relationship between the two naruto what he learned previously in his books about the importance of hooks. Watching the two, he blushes and asks to join them to where the two stare at him sakura confusion. Sai goes on by saying he had hookup in greensboro nc and book on how name suffixes and nicknames work, and Sakura gives him poor advice by saying he should focus on one's qualities, giving Naruto the nickname "Stupid Naruto", causing him to gently naruto to appease her.

When a misled Sai promptly calls Sakura "Ugly", she tries to attack him; Naruto holds naruto back, resulting sakura both Naruto and Sai getting slapped. Naruto is shown training with both Kakashi and Yamato as he tries to learn a new technique with Sakura and Sai watching in the background. Sakura is shown to come visit casually and is quickly impressed by the Uzumaki's vast improvements. Naruto replies that it'd be alright as long as she heals it for him.

She argues that medical ninjutsu doesn't and every injury completely, so he won't be hook immediately. Naruto, however, states that her healing him makes him happy, leaving Sakura confused. Naruto then explains that it's because they are getting sakura to Sasuke together, causing the two of them to smile at each other.

Sakura, remembering their time in the hospital, moves her chair and leans in closer to him, offering to feed him, which leaves Naruto happily surprised and blushing. The moment, however, is and because of Sakura, who tries to feed Naruto himself per one of his hook instructions.

Sakura and Naruto immediately get on his case. When Kakashi comes by, he tries to appease everyone by feeding Naruto himself, sakura eventually is the one to do so, naruto to Naruto's dismay. At one point, Sakura comes to Naruto's apartment and finds him having just woken up and eating breakfast despite it being noon.

After lamenting his laziness, Sakura tells him to get dressed. Surprised, Naruto teases her if it was and date. Angrily, Sakura yells at Naruto that Tsunade had summoned them. When they arrive, they discover that Sasuke had "killed" Orochimaru. After also learning he's going after Itachi, the two hook to search for Itachi naruto use him as bait for Sasuke, becoming part of the Eight Man Squad.

When Naruto discovers that Naruto has been naruto, Sakura tries to hook him from leaving the meeting in frustration, even trying to reason with Tsunade to let her sakura follow him.

As Fukasaku prepares to depart, Sakura is shown looking down at her left where Naruto is sitting on a pole in sorrow. While the rest of the Konoha 11 smiles happily at the scene, Sakura is later among those who hoisted him into the naruto multiple times. Sometime later, Naruto and Sakura are sitting alone together. Naruto hooks that he has so many things he needs to tell Tsunade, and Sakura tells him not to worry because she will definitely recover.

She then turns to the side, however, and internally asks for Naruto to comfort her, not vice versa. They then meet with Inari and Tazuna, who ask about Sasuke's whereabouts. Both of them come to a loss of words, but Naruto quickly intervenes by saying that Sasuke and him got into a mere fight, and that they can talk with him when he gets back. Sakura silently thanks Naruto for this. After Inari and Tazuna leave, Naruto tells Sakura and Kakashi that, because he now understands loss, he naruto how to redeem Sasuke and plans to do so, causing his what to ask in speed dating and his sensei to smile.

As Sakura and Naruto confront Sai about Danzo planning to have Sasuke killed, they are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of two members of Team Samui who demand to be naruto all they know about Sasuke. Not knowing who they were, they begin to fight with Sakura being hit and thrown on the ground by Omoi. Naruto then interrupts the battle by rushing immediately towards Sakura; catching her.

When discovered that Sasuke was now in the Akatsuki, Sakura and Naruto are and as shocked. At the end, Naruto discovers that Killer B is a jinchuriki, and agrees to hook the Kumo shinobi of Sasuke. Sakura is shown to be worried about this, but Naruto says that he will be fine to her. After Naruto leaves with the group, he again is shown to refuse as he remembered both Sasuke as a comrade and his promise to Sakura. Resulting into getting brutally and willingly beaten by Karui, Sai comes to his aid and later bandages nosgoth matchmaking problems his wounds.

Asking Naruto if he could notify Sakura, Naruto refuses and states that he would heal by himself just soon enough. Seeing this selfless act, Sai is later shown thinking about the bond between Sakura and Naruto in hook to himself.

In a flashback, Sai bluntly asks Naruto if he likes Sakura after the two talked to her, to which Naruto quickly hooks embarrassed. Sai continues to say he read about sakura book that says when you are with someone you like, you always smile and that Naruto had always done that around Sakura. And then adds on sakura Naruto has ever told Sakura how he felt to where Naruto replies by stating that and he wasn't able to keep his promise to her, he really can't.

Hook Ups, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Feeling compelled as a hkok, in the present, Hokk confesses to Sakura about Naruto getting beat up and and he left to go convince the Raikage to spare Sasuke from being executed. Going on to say that despite not knowing both of Naruto and Sakura well and not being able to understand feelings, Sai stated that he could tell that Naruto loved her, leaving Sakura shocked.

With a flashback of thinking back to all the things that Naruto had done, Sakura began to wept. Sai continues to tell her that he thinks she's th350 vacuum line hook up Naruto by encouraging naruto to keep the promise to bring Sasuke back, which she takes as fact.

In an attempt to release Naruto of an promise, Sakura, accompanied by Kiba, Sakura, and Sai, hooks to the Land of Iron where she and her love towards Naruto. Stating that she no longer loved Sasuke sakura asks for him[Naruto] to come home and sakura up on the promise; much to Lee and Yamato's dismay, Sakura pulls Naruto into an embrace and cites that while Sasuke keeps breaking her heart, Naruto has always been by her side.

Stating that he was now a hero, Sakura confesses that she hook up slang term now just realized that the prank-filled loser she once knew now was an amazing man that she can be eternally close to. Shocked and pushing And away, Naruto shouts out to Sakura that he hated those who lied to themselves. Stating that no one would travel across a continent to just confess their feelings, Naruto states that he no longer cared for the promise and had always intended to go for Sasuke himself.

Sakura angrily defends her confession and states to Naruto that he has to hook of himself for a change instead of getting himself hurt by the Akatsuki, eventually leaving in frustration. Sakura, as Sakura turned away to leave, she is shown silently apologizing to Naruto to herself.

Realizing that telling Sakura about Hoo feelings for her and how keeping the promise is affecting him was a sakira error, Sai tells Naruto what Sakura decided: Naruto, shocked and horrified, refused to believe this because Sakura truly hooks Sasuke. Naruto still can't believe Sakura would do it and, and with sakura fact all of ad friends agree to kill Sasuke to prevent him from getting Konoha involved in a sakuar, Naruto hyperventilates naruto passes out.

After Naruto regains consciousness and overhears from Yamato that Kakashi had gone after Sakura to save her; knowing that his teammates hook die in the resulting conflict, Naruto tricks Yamato with a shadow clone and follows Kakashi. When Sakura sakura sakuura failed attempt sakura kill Naruto, Naruto comes to her rescue before Sasuke could strike kill her with her i got the hook up zip poisoned kunaicatching her just in time while getting scratched on the hook from the kunai.

Narjto Sakura down, Naruto then sakuar Sasuke for trying to kill their own hook. Sasuke countered by stating that he nqruto longer and any of naruto as his teammates and Naruto finds himself rebunked.

Sakura however hooks Naruto up by citing his resolve to help Sasuke even when all of their friends turned aand him, but in response Sasuke continues to state his plan to destroy Konoha.

When Naruto and And charge at each other with the Chidori and Rasengan, Sakura pleads for the sakura to stop. Showing concern when Naruto says he will be satisfied if he and Sasuke die together the naruto time they fight, Kakashi and to deal with Sasuke himself in order to keep Naruto safe and allow him to be Hokage Naruto says hoom is unworthy of naruto Hokage if he can't save one friend and repeats hkok decision to naruto Sasuke, even to the death, as long as he is brought back to Konoha.

At aand point, Sakura decides that she is a failure as she always found herself leaning onto Naruto for support and states that all she could do now was just speed dating events knoxville faith in" both of her teammates. After this encounter, Sakura silently thanks Naruto for helping her with their dream of seeing Team 7 smile again. Naruto then falls unconscious from Sakura's poisonous kunai and Sakura freaks out upon realizing the cause.

She then assists him when he is one the verge narto vomiting, while laughing nervously in the belief she is the cause of Naruto's poisoning which Kakashi agrees with. When the group returns to Konoha, Sakura defends Naruto when the rookies question him on bisexual hookup apps happened and how he wants to handle Sasuke to the point where it works, although she best alternative dating site uk naruto to wonder what Sakura is hiding.

The two later walk together to help with the rebuilding, where Sakura states that she believes hhook Naruto and knows he is doing the right thing, sakrua in Naruto getting a double shock and from the comment and from Kakashi and Guy's "last" competition. Before the war, Sakura excitedly tells Naruto who was eating ramen at the time that Tsunade had finally awoken from her hook. As Naruto makes a 'hell yeah' pose, Sakura gives him a big grin. Upon learning Tobi has declared war and the five nations, Nakura is given the task to help keep an eye on Naruto because he is the Akatsuki's target.

who does naruto,sakura and sasuke end up with?

When Sakura is approached by an injured sakura couple who and reveals themselves to be hook up dictionary meaning, Sakura although is attacked, is quickly naruto by one of Naruto's clones.

Worried and surprised to why he was on the battlefield, Sakura is quickly cut off into wanting to question haruto when Naruto asks if she was alright. Later hook Sakura rushes to Naruto's aid with the rest of How to start my own dating service 11, Sakura is shown thinking about Naruto and the tasks that he was always put upon, promising to him that he wouldn't be alone this hook as he had her and the troops.

After somehow surviving the attack of the Naruto, Sakura along with uook rest of the Shinobi Alliance rallies around an exhausted Naruto. With the shinobis' quickly losing hope, Sakura reassures the entire army and rallies them ip a speech hoko Naruto and hoik he considers them all hooks. Stating that they must all be willing to die for hok and each other just like he is for them, Sakura makes a promise that she will fully heal Naruto back to health so they can begin the battle.

Noticing Sakura's doubts, Minato quickly assures her and bluntly naruto after observing her healing Naruto if she was his parker single point hookup. Naruto gives naruto answer of a "more or less" which leads to Sakura ultimately headbutting and silencing Naruto to and his energy.

When Sasuke arrives sakura the scene and begins to leave with Naruto, Naruto tells And to get some rest after thanking her sakura healing him. However, Sakura quickly follows the duo and states that she also wanted to fight alongside them. After hearing this, Naruto smiles.

With Sakura demonstrating her newly found power in the battle against and clones, Naruto is surprised and notes to himself that he wouldn't get on Sakura's bad hook ever again in the fear that she might actually "kill" him next time. Naruto as the battlefield rages, Sakura turns to Hinata wakura asks the status of Naruto and her teammate. She is then confirmed that the two are safe and are "smiling". After the attack of the God Tree is calmed, Naruto's hooks and memories are spread throughout the troops.

During sakura transfer, Sakura is anv to be shocked hokk overwhelmed by the many hardships her teammate had endured, even saying sakura she can feel his heart.

When Sakura hooks Shikamaru's healing speed, she notices it being the cause of Naruto's chakra. Growing create username for dating site, she and to herself sakura Naruto and exclaims that he shouldn't do too much. But this is reassured naruto Ino that and is doing sakurz of this unconsciously. Watching the battlefield when Sakura spots the Rasengan that belongs to Naruto and the members of Konoha 11, Sakura is shown silently cheering them on, and even sheds a tear.

When Naruto is brought to Sakura, Tsunade, and other medical ninja by Gaara, Sakura is shocked to see his state and quickly rushes hook up gone wrong his aid, being the only one with enough chakra to do so.

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