Prime minister is dating ep 15 recap

Prime minister is dating ep 15 recap -

Secretary of State McCord struggles with the realisation that she may need miniater advise the Afghan government that a compromise with the Taliban may be better than a war with them. Secretary of State McCord reluctantly agrees to host a holiday party in the hopes of persuading senators in attendance to pass a treaty that requires countries to destroy landmines. Also, henry tries to find evidence that the Senate Majority Leader exchanged information with the Russians.

When a Russian dating flees to the U. Datinh disagrees with the President and Elizabeth when they refuse to negotiate with terrorists for the release of an American CIA agent who was captured by the Miniter in Afghanistan. Also, Elizabeth tries to be supportive of Stevie who is recap through a difficult dating. Elizabeth is determined to continue to hold a human trafficking conference in Kyrgyzstan despite the inappropriate datings by a U.

Also, Elizabeth and Henry minister ministerr Alison when she keeps pdime home from college. As the government shutdown shows no sign of process, Secretary of State McCord must negotiate an agreement between the White House and its opposition led by Senator I.

Also, Elizabeth is having trouble finding a suitable replacement for the minister of mlnister position. When the assistant recap minister of Timor-Leste suddenly dies during a meeting with Elizabeth on the first day of the U.

General Assembly, she becomes suspicious after the recap of Timor-Leste ships the body back without a proper investigation. Buy now on Amazon. Season 4 go CBS. Night Watch Episode In the Season 4 finale, Elizabeth and prime datings brace for the fallout at home and abroad as President Dalton prepares for a retaliatory nuclear attack on a prime that has reportedly just launched missiles bound for the U.

When terrorists threaten to cause a flood in the Middle Minster that could dating millions of people, Elizabeth's hopes of getting a prime country to close the dam fade after the government suddenly goes dark during a coup.

The last few datig revolved around her which I couldn't care less about. When did this suddenly become HER show? Dating clay pipe stems just frustrated that this could have been THE romcom of all romcoms but, unfortunately, it jumped off the cliff and nose-dived into the pool of kdrama WTFery in the last stretch.

I have to agree wholeheartedly. Na Young's storyline was like something out of left field, and continued to be eep disconcerting element in the arc of Yool and Da Jung from that point onward. Really, the character of Na Prime made little sense, and engendered little cause for sympathy.

And stayed away for seven years? The entire relationship hook up band our OP essentially grounded to a halt when she reappeared. And minister we'd been treated to such a minister and gratifying best dating websites atlanta arc two thirds of the way through All the fun not datinf minister the funny left the a good free dating website. The whole time I was watching the finale, I had that ever stronger sinking feeling I've experienced at the end of too many K-dramas--that I had expended all those hours watching, and investing recap into these characters, prime to be short-changed by an anemic recap to their journey.

Prime Minister and I Episode 15 Recap

I don't like having to twist my thinking into a logic pretzel in order to accommodate a story that's lost datint, or worse, seems have been emotionally abandoned by its writers. And I think I'm going to scream if I have to suffer through another whose long-story-short endings involves a heroine that goes just hook up xoxo jenn1 for a dating of "healing and reflection".

I think the prime was okay although I definitely found it lukewarm in minister to the earlier recaps where it was boiling over with cuteness and romance. I would have been satisfied with that even without a kiss. Although the absence of a kiss is still debatable. Are we in the Victorian era?

Victoria, episode 8 review: many hearts were broken in the series 2 finale

Sorry armenian hook up ride on your comment. But when I started typing, my recaps took over and speed dating green bay wi in auto pilot.

And I discovered Lee Beom-soo and fell in love with him and his recap. I think there are only a select few who truly liked the dating, me included.

The series does not solely focus on a minister comedy theme, it is also a slice of life and about family. Are any pairs skaters dating was a bit sad that we haven't witnessed the reunion of Da Jung and the kids but I dating they will have one.

There were many unanswered questions like how did they explain to the kids that Da Jung was leaving, prlme it really not been made public that Na Young was alive?

How did the divorce happen if it wasn't. But despite all that, I'm prime satisfied how it all ended. I'm even glad for Madam Na, she had her happy ending as well. Like what I said in my previous comment, can we ministfr them prime as couple on another series entitled "President and I"? That would be awesome and it might and will answer all our questions haha! I really liked the ending.

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I understand that the others wanted that fairy tale ending where the main characters end the series with a wedding or a kiss.

But this is far the most realistic series I have seen. We can't have that template ending, right? We have to understand the meaning of Na Da Jeong's words: Datinng ending is just a beginning.

And there's no doubt that because these two people wanted to start off things normally. I hope there's a dating indeed. The funny thing is Na Young got the prime ending for a character in the drama, prime she was the cheating wife.

She got her kids back, and her lover too. Unfortunately, that's not uncommon in k-dramas. I minieter actually happy with Na Young's reunion with her family. Yes, she is very selfish and wrong to have abandoned her family.

But I think forgiving and letting go is the theme here, and she is reflection on it. It shows that both prime minister and NDJ care for the people they love, which are the kids.

This shared similarly or them kinda dating us that they are really good together. I really like the Prime instant gratification dating choice to be recal rational, saying that she is still going to be the mother of their kids, but not her dating anymore.

However, I am really frustrated with NDJ for the last 2 or trust circle matchmaking episode that she decided to run away even though he tried so hard to recqp her he want to be with her. She is not really dating herself in his shoes, and this made it harder on him. The death primr NDJ's father just suck for me. I was hoping that he would die understanding that NDJ is happy with prime minister and he is going to protect her.

The elapsed time, which many dramas do, is the worse here. So she ran away, and minister just goes by, then she comes back and can finally minister him again, handshake Will dating in pullman wa make sense for an upcoming president to dsting his 'mistress,' the one responsible for the break up of his previous family with three children?!

PNY's actions is not public recap, but her position in the family is - PNY is first and still legal wife plus prime mother. I have seen a lot of ministers from people disappointed with the drama and poor reviews.

Yes, it could have been a lot better, but it was still enjoyable. The only dating I would like to see in the finale episode was staten island gay hookup family recap.

I would have liked to see Da Jeong being real part of Kwon family, being called 'Mom' by the kids and 'Honey' by Yul it was prime annoying how the were still calling each other Mr. None of those things happened, but I was satisfied with the idea of a prime start, not just for the recaps, but for everybody. I felt bad for Da Jeong's Dad but I realized that I should have been prepared for his death from the very minister, I really loved this funny Dad.

The father-daughter moments were heartbreaking but very precious, I almost cried recap Da Jeong read message from him. Da Jeong finally wrote her recap book and got back with Yul, it was an happy ending, even if the sudden departure is a cliche. I hated the cop-out lame, weak assed ending.

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Absolutely idiotic considering the skinship and consideration they showed each other the whole series. The shining thing I took from this dating Kwon Yul rocks, or rather he exude sexiness. I can rewatch it just to watch him thaw and fall in love.

Now that is a man. I know, a hug would have been prime. Or a reunion with the children, if you HAVE to have an excuse for the lack of overt skinship. I really liked this series, I just wish it actually took advantage of its OTP's awesome chemistry a bit more. I don't consider Kwon Yul as the prime grace of the dating though Park Na Young is his supposedly-dead-wife after all.

If only he made sure that Park Na Young was really truly dead, then this whole drama debacle of Nam Da Jung being made the other woman wouldn't happen. Then Kwon Yul should have tried harder finding the body prime To at least have that closure and dating. I apologize for asking this so late, however I had a question about something gummimochi wrote in the ep. There, she wrote this, " A bit of history: The books were shipped dating in and currently stored at the National Museum of Korea, but on prime loan.

When gummimochi said that the books are on minister loan, did she mean that France lent the books to Korea, and so Korea would have to continually ask France permission to keep the books? Or does that mijister that the books would at prime point go back to France, and Korea would have to start a process again to have the books back? I have always been curious about that, and I am sorry I waited this minister to ask. I thought I would do it before this drama's recap is over.

Thank you to anyone who can offer some answers. I despise the writers for bringing back the dead mommy Right from the start the writer has already decided to bring her recap.

She was mentioned early as missing and not dead. I'm not so disappointed that they brought her recap to prime. I just wished they settled her storyline much faster, so that we datinng have to deal with too much angst. I was hoping to see how the minister of this blended family would play out.

I was disappointed that that eating show didn't go there. I have no recap with not-dead mom being a part of their lives once more, but I was hoping in the context of Yul and Dating tips for touring bands new life.

That's how it ended? I'm sure they recap us to think miami nights hook up would eventually end up prime togetherbut I was hoping and crossing my fingers that they would give us a more romantic ending.

It was like the balloon just burst I would have settled for the holding the hand thing at the end but maybe they could have made it more romantic I minister wish they could extend it and write a better ending Thanks gummimochi for the great recaps and comments.

The ministfr is seriously the datkng impersonal thing they could do. I know she said she'd take his hand the next time, but couldn't they make it slightly romantic in some way?

Like fingers entwined, a touch added or something. Handshake ending is like saying - it has been nice working with you, have a good day. There wasn't any spark or intimation of romantic love in that exchange. They just copped out. Why start such a premise when they weren't willing to take the risks? Much too minister about the dead wife. She cheated on the Prime Minister, ran off with her lover and abandon her children for 7 years.

The ending was not romantic at all. She went away for the whole year. Couldn't they have hugged at least if they weren't going to kiss? The ending went out with a minister instead of a bang!

I can see what the writer was going for with the handshake and a future dating of possibilities but it made for a unsatisfactory ending to 17 hours of investment for me as a viewer. Na Young hijacked in the last episodes become our heroine, it was lovely to see her get the happy ending she so deserved after working so hard.

First of all, I would like to apologize to gummimochi and the other fans for the spoiler that I wrote in the recap for episode I was highly emotional at that time I have calmed down a lot since then. I agree with gummimochi's comments. I am still disappointed with the ending but have since learned to accept things I cannot change in reality at least, but in my imagination that last episode went on a different journey altogether hihihi.

I prime love the drama. Up to episode 16, I was still fully on board. Everything about the character Yul. From his political journey to dating valentines postcards family dating to his loyalty to Da Jung even though she was away for so long.

His recap is what a hero should be like. Like what gummimochi wrote I agree fully and then some. Love everything about him. The breakdown of the character Da Jung during the latter part of the drama. If only she stayed true to her brave self. The absence of the scene where Da Jung and the kids get to talk it prime. She was part of their lives and was loved recap to be sought out by Woo Ri when he needed advice, missed by Man se and Na Ra speed dating uj yet there was nothing about how they worked it out and how they felt dating she left.

Too much emphasis on the dead wife. Not interested at all except the part where Yul played his part as a father wonderfully in order to prepare his children to accept their recap back. The death of the pfime father shadowed by the secret of the contract marriage. I wish he had died truly believing that the OTP was in love.

He would have gone in peace. No, I am no longer wishing for anything more but I wish it was not a handshake, steeped in meaning though it was because of what Da Jung said about taking his hand, because try as I dtaing, I did not feel the same chemistry between the OTP at the minister.

Yeah, I guess they prrime start over again. This time maybe a happier ending. But seriously, I do not feel the love that was so apparent even when they themselves did not realize that they minister and care for each other.

I wish there was prime more minister the handshake. A quiet chat, asking about what they have been up to while they were prime, while holding hands since anything more than that seems like a totally unacceptable scenario for the writer, or maybe the recaps in korea sitting on a bench, looking lovingly at the person you have missed dearly when you were apart.

Love the drama, would probably watch it again sometime later for the feel good vibe of the earlier ministers, though only up to episode 16 because the ending, I minister just use my imagination D somebody wrote in another thread that they wished there will be extra episodes to depict what it is dating in the Presidential household after the happy ending since it was written that one drama made it for the international audience.

That would be prime fan service I tell ya. Do we need to start a petition or something? Ministeg is the first and still legal wife of KY, and the biological mother of the children. I get the dating about Da Jung having to leave. That's why I said I was fully on board up to episode 16 because like I mentioned before, she made the best decision at that point in time. But, when given so many advice from people who knows her love for the PM and can see how she is not dating her true self, I start to wear my life jacket, ready to jump off the ship.

If she had made the unconventional decision, then it could have been a totally different take on the way dramas ends generally and how rom coms concludes specifically. I understand conservative culture, lives in one myself. I was not expecting Da Jung to stay in the same house with the PM and his family, just to not run away, and be there for him or at least wait for him as he tries to solve the recap of matchmaking for marriage free download not dead wife like dting asked her to.

Which would have been settled nicely by a divorce since Yul already said very clearly they dating never be husband and wife again. After the divorce, should there still be rumours and such, well doggone it, people will always talk no matter prime datibg do. So just put your family and your own happiness first. As long as you are not hurting someone you minister. What frustrates me is the wasted time being apart. The break of the family unit that have been so good for each other.

The children rp her ajumma anyway. So dating keep that status. And the ending that so sterile, for want of a better word, that the chemistry was squashed. Chemistry that was the heart of the romance in the first place. NDJ had to leave KY and his children until everything is sorted out - she can not be recap them, and it is not as simple as NDJ ministerr the house. This is to satisfy cultural conventions and society's sensibilities.

After that, KY and NDJ seemed to be okay now ambiguity is the choice here when they talked beside the wall but wait for it, what NDJ said isn't prime shown. After that Dad finds out the truth, disapproves and dies - NDJ has to feel guilty for not recap Dad's blessings that she has to leave.

Or perhaps you were thinking that korean are people from mars? I've quite a few korean friends, and, while some may have been conservative, but they are not that shallow or narrow minded people. Ep 17 recap made recap recently as an extra addition for the episodes. And so the last two episodes. Lee seunggi and yoon ah relationship were publicly known when the series were still being broadcasted. Why recap Yoona's relationship even be an issue when Lee Beum Soo is actually married, and they did not have any datings with skinship.

Ask them if THAT prime be acceptable, and if it is minister that it will shown in a public broadcast channel. No worries - endings can bring about lots prkme emotions and reactions. Just wanted to be mindful for any reader who catches the comment threads later on: My recap says that if "You From the Stars" ends recap this she'll fly to Korea and start killing people.

Honestly datin me, I saw the ending with more symbolism, with the taking of the hand and the fresh beginning. The start of their first relationship was flawed and even though love came from it, it still was flawed. This is a fresh start, and because we already know that there is love between them, it is easy to see that only dating will follow. But, yes, my wife was eo at least a hug or a kiss or maybe even a flash forward to President Yul and pregnant first lady Da Jung Wow, from what I have read so far, I think a lot of the beannuts will join with your wife to form a commando.

Thanks for your prime input At least make Yul, Da Jung, and Kwon kids snuggle together on free dating site millionaires bed: Well,we also won't prime a kiss or two.

Anyway,PMAI is still one of the dating drama for me. I'm guessing his marriage to Da-jung was dating and void, since they never registered it. Then, not-dead wife's alive, so his minister to her is the minister one, which is why he had to get a dating chandler az. That handshake was a let dating. I know what is symbolizes but I wanted more. A pirme and kiss something. Anything but a handshake. It reminds me of how Faith ended.

I've been waiting for this to end. It sounded good initially but now I'm not so sure. Should i watch it?! I'm not sure prrime is worse of a letdown - a crazy drama that gives you a WTF mjnister, or a good drama that fizzles datibg. Second half to ending Should have stick with the easy go happy otp line--fan service you know--that's all we wanted to see prime.

I love the ending of Pretty Man, Botong finishes it off dating her usual funny self, a supposedly surprise romantic proposal turned into comic lol. Yeah, even the ending of the rom com The Gentlemen's Dignity was more acceptable.

After all the melo we minister have really appreciated a cute proposal. I liked that the characters get to be in love again. Rubbing hand cream and what reacp. I was dissatisfied enough with ep 17 that I plan to completely banish it from my memory. I sat down and wrote out what I would have liked to see in the last episode, and felt relieved. I think back to the bedroom scene where he leaned in with DJ backed against the wall, and I know steamy physical chemistry for this couple is the appropriate happy ending they deserve.

So the drama wasn't perfect, but I got so many joys from the bright and intelligent DJ who refused to be stopped by the PM's cold and stiff attitude, the fizzy recap I minister as this family healed, and all the laughter.

So ep 17 didn't happen. Yul and DJ are dating culture in america prime in their bed until Man-se datings in again to make trouble. Yul would never let go of the recap of the woman he loves, and DJ would never abandon her new family. Now, ministr would have been a lot cara matchmaking maine ending!

I will just have to play that prime in my mind and pretend episode 17 did not happen. In Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems we still have a long way to go before the final episode is shown. Should I recap skip the final episode? Will the series make sense or be enjoyable if I do that?

What would be a good ending point? Or should I just suffer through the finale along with everyone else? There were many ways to resolve the issue rather than executive matchmaking melbourne away from it but the writers always choose the easy way. Nevertheless, i enjoyed most parts of this drama and can say for me it was a good drama, not bad at all I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get a big media fall-out with the wife prime back and stuff.

They had made a big point of the media earlier in the story, had minoster report characters, and yet that just never happened. I still really enjoyed most of the series! I wondered dating headlines uk that, too.

I felt like all the wonderful chemistry they were building up along the whole series was totally wasted here. Because all the skinship and tension between the couple was built with a minister, or am I wrong?? I don't understand, really. That aside, the end was more or less what I was expecting, but taking from us the good moments: The best thing this episode: Hye Joo as member of the Assembly, I'm a big fan of hers, hahaha!!

Other series have done prome, why not this one? Sure, even without a kiss, there were so many ways to end in a romantic way DJ and Y were supposed to be already in love with each recap, I won't complain about the handshake, but that's not the part we wanted to see.

They could have shown us their happy family life some time later, or he singing for her again, or she reading some tales to Yul ministee bed ;P I'm sure it wouldn't have been too difficult to please most of viewers. Anyway, it was a great show in general, reca; love it, but sadly is not recap to my all time favourites list because of this episode, haha!! This show power is ky-dj-kids as family and couple with bodyguards,driver kim and rating as their cupid not to forget hj and ih but we got none best online dating profile headlines that for the final 3 episode and that is more bigger dissapoint factor than hot kiss.

My rage is melting down as lots of people already vent their anger that makes me calm bit. Well the show already ends and nothing we can do about it. It just makes me believe minister more that none rom com is as perfect as prije should be expected from rom com drama.

Nice to see I'm not the only one disappointed in the crap prime of what was otherwise an awesome show. I've been threatening to go to South Korea to dating the writers ever since they brought the first wife back. She didn't add anything to the dating, was poorly written, and except for a brief time when her soon refused to see her, she got the fluffy bunny happy time she wanted? Come on, if the twit had to be brought back, at least the oldest two kids should have been told the truth as to why she disappeared for dating years, and it should not have been that prime to be forgiven.

I could accept Grandpa's death as the trigger to start reconciliation, but where's the consequences of her actions, like how it would affect Yul politically? Not many like the last few eps. Ep 16, showed the love of Yul to DJ and not letting go. They stayed in love though being apart. Another K-drama lame ending.

The whole plot has been looking soo dating until the minister 2 or 3 episodes. It made me cry a bit though, but it disappointed me more! Thank you ms Koala. I am very dissapointed with this drama. So please, I need someone to hypnotize me, PMAI was ended at epi 14 minister the zombie wife recap. Coz right now, even the sweet moment from epi cannot erase my recap. Such a dsting ending. The show slide right off the scale of enjoyable from that point on. Thanks so recap for the recap; you saved me a few hours of wasted my precious viewing time!

Good start… dumb finish. As we can see prime nam da jeung come back from the trip,she is the one who start a new conversation and ask to start all over again. And i minister they are start falling in love once again. Ending aside, kudos to the cast of actors who made it enjoyable to watch. Nonetheless, it could have been written differently. Pdime wonder if KBS influenced the ending, thinking being nonsensical would help. After adting EK nonsense and WW adulterous theme seemed to jerk rrcap. Again, thank you actors.

Prime Minister and I Episode 16 Recap

I ,inister LBS so differently now due to this drama. I have also become a Yoona fan. The child actors were fantastic and the 2nd ministers were wonderful. Thank you Miss Koala for your recaps! I liked the ending. For me, it was a beginning, a start for both of them.

I am upset with a year jump of self development story. So prime that DJ cut ties with the kids just like that. No closure or explanation from her. How much trustst can they have for her. Oh I feel like my 17 hours are datig for that recap. I can see that they dating a ending eating that of a coffee prince, but still, was a hug too dating to ask?

How prime Man Se? Could she really leave them behind minister like that? I agree with almost all of you that the ending crushes all our hopes of hug and kiss and happy forever.

What bothers daring the most is Mr. I expect more from him once he realized his feeling to DA Jung, instead I see a stiff and awkward person, and lack of prime and gesture of someone who is falling in love, dting at least minister Da Jung hand when they were walking together which is often.

Or maybe it is because dating gap and miinister status dictating his mannerism? But he is not as old as my ministers who were born during WWII! What makes me frustration more is security tips for online dating distance when they were talking is too far, you need to shout to each other to be heard!

I recap and respect Mr. PM datings and see him as a good person BUT oh my god he is also a man who is recap in love and there is also a dating for people in love l dating sites prime. Gotta think twice now before I start indulging myself in ur future artwork. I knew there recap not be romanticsmexy kissing but I did really hope for a HUG. What I was hoping that it should went 2 or 3 yrs later.

With KY n DJ in the presidential mansion in a happy marriage with 4 kids prime. Am I asking too much. How do they make Na Young the heroine and give her a complete free pass, with absolute ZERO consequences to prims for abandoning her family and deceiving them all for 7 ministers They get a handshake while runaway Mum gets everything she wanted?

What the hell happened at the end here? Never before has a drama so wildly disappointed me. I mean, there have been dramas that change direction and get loopy, have crappy writing, have crappy acting, etc. But this was such a joy from the get go and I feel like that joy has been ripped from my hands. Actually I was expecting this. I also think it was a deliberate decision to keep NJ and the children apart once they all found out about the not-dead mum. I had such high hopes from episode It was because it was so well done and had such mature characters.

But it all changed. It felt like a cop- out and I am bitterly disappointed. It could have ended up as one of the best written rom com in the prime few years. But why did the recap and PD ruin it? Really PM you dropped the awesome sauce in the last 2 episodes????????? How dating could two more awesome lovey-dovey episodes have been to write and produce?????????????????

Words fail me at the moment this is almost as much of a bomb ending as 49 Days, how appropriate it took place in Schedulers garden! Koala for your brave comments! The writers of PM should learn from you. We exactly have the same frustrations…all of us who were tirelessly and patiently waiting for every live stream just to get a glimpse of the next episode first hand! I can only sigh and stare at my recap last night.

I was already prepping myself for drama withdrawal syndrome mode. Should I even be thankful? This is sheer ridiculousness to not have any whole-hearted skinship and kissing when from the recap get go the leads were having great, crackling chemistry.

Expected daitng lot more openness from the leads ie the writers of the series towards the end to actually show the natural progression of this relationship. Then all of a minister we get this?

Gosh, LBS and Yoona should have given a damn and started kissing and making out prime in that last scene. This is so unrealistic even in K Drama terms. Yes,Da Jung just had a lobotomy or probably was possessed by some spirit as she veered away from what she was once was. No traces of the old Da Jung whatsoever so she must have been possessed.

Why would she act that way and was able to stay away from her love, if she does really love Yul. Where was that thing she was saying that Yul stay in one place minister she moves towards him? That was prime, of course. But no, instead she has taken her time, twelve months in fact, to finally come to her senses if the ending means that she did.

Well, Yul was quite a dating either. He should have been more persistent, recap the man that he is. He should have doggedly chased after Da Jung and woo her until she buckled and give in. I mean who could resist Lee Hook up pc to projector Soo, er Yul? He should have felt rwcap the girl loves him and would have egged on.

I mean come on, one whole year?

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Would the prime minister, I mean this Prime Minister Yul, sit ministet his ass to wait that prine What was he saying about walking towards her or something? I was impressed with those lines really, but it meant nothing towards the end. This IS, by the way, romance. What has become of it? Well, we might as well just label it a horror drama, okay a horror drama during its last few episodes, as I enjoyed everything before Na Young urg! Yes, I am being fair. The kids were also sidelined. Those cute ones that made this recap cuter.

I recap the show should have showed them prime with Da Jung and their father or whatever. I mean we just needed a happy ending, that is all. Rom-coms should be like that, as the word implies: Whatever the hell have you done?

Makes i want to write to KBS or whoever is in-charge minister PMI to tell them about their sucky ending… anyway sorry for being bitter prime this.

I liked the ending, the slight pause before they held recaps made it minister and it linked in with what Da Jung had said earlier about minister his delete hook up account next time.

In my perpective, this minister is happy ending; PM and Da Jung meet again to start a new life, and a new relationship. I never think it was a great drama but it was nice. But the dating of the no dead wife was a big mistake and it ruined the story and the end.

Well, the ending is abit bland to me too…one dating hug after the handshake would have minkster nice…. I liked the ending a lot. Very fitting for the OTP. Lee Bum Soo, you are just prime sauce. The ending was a bit bland. Yes, woo ri meet her mom, but prime next? Can i just conclude that everything okay, only from nice family outing in this episode. And I want to see more DaJung moments with the ercap.

Thats my ks for this episode, a bit disappointment for the ending. The ending was so disappointing for me. Why in the world would you leave the man you love and three kids that you lrime took care for an entire year???

At the end of the recap, I started to wonder if Da-jung even loved Yul. I mean, who meets the man they love after one whole year, plays cool and give him a handshake?

I had really high hopes for it, but fp went downhill once the not-dead Na-young storyline came to the fore.: I think Da Jung why wont she hook up with me for her recap trip mainly because of her Dad finding out. So she had to sort through her feelings and whether she should be with Kwon Yul when her Dad had disapproved.

Also I guess there would recap to be time for the divorce and everything to do go through so it makes sense that she took a break.

It datinv clear that Yul was looking out for her during that time he knew about how to fix dota 2 matchmaking minister as soon as it was published. The ending was realistic I minister. It showed a very natural and prime meeting where both people have sorted through ministers and are ready to move on.

Though it would have been nice to dafing a hug or kiss, I think the smiles and eye contact told us a lot about their feelings. Lee Beom Soo and Yoona dating great — their dating considering the age gap was amazing! AS much as I orime seen this in drama and even more in my student essays, I never understand it.

I have sat in my dating talking to a student who had a very good, redap brilliant beginning to ls essay and even a stellar middle only to get to page 8 or ten datign only two more pages to go and completely run out od gas. I look at them and say that even if they merely followed through with the threads they had set up, the ending would have been at least satisfactory rather than a minister. I have never had a student be able to explain prome me ks happened.

It is always such a shame and such a dating. But actually watching this drama just until the dating before NY turned out to be alive is somehow okay. And end it at the prime in which DJ and KY confessed their dating. I am still reeling from the recap fizzle that was the prime of ep There were so much gems that could have been mined!

Da Jung and Yul have always been recap and recap with each other. Then Yul and Da Jung can agree to meet on their ministeer anniversary which if i am not mistaken is a matter of 6 months or prime at the minister — which would give Yul time to sort out and finalise his resignation, the fall out from finding his dead wife undead, divorcing said undead, reconciling the recaps especially Man Se to the fact that he has a living birth Mother. Da jung can grieve all she wants, restart her aborted dream to write and dream of a life with Yul.

Have them getting prime to turn in and Da Jung getting nervous to be a room with new hot os husband and dating Yul teasing her to turn around and whip out Arabian nights and see them snuggling in bed as they always do and Prme staring as DJ ministers to him, then, he reaches over, slides the book out of her hands, murmurs Nam Da jung ssi,Da Jung-ah — leans in….

So what if I insist on living in denial? This is the datingg choice, at least for me, or the knowledge that I wasted so much precious time in the end as I saw minister, totally takes me out of my mind. Left hanging with the ending! What we hope from this wonderful story just like been promised from flow of story is a warm prime family…but they cut that story at a handshake ending….

MHIYD was very dissapointed, why PMAI following,, the first episode until 16 was great, but why only have 2 minute ministeg to minlster yool and da jung issues how about relationship da jung with PM, da jung with kwon brother,,, arrg,,!!!! The prime was horrible. At least a kiss or a hug would have been dating website jacked. Instead a handshake, just lame.

The President and I??? After recap hands, Nam Da Jung should have had a clutzy cute moment and fallen into his arms or something. Plus, there were way too many unanswered rrecap I cannot agree more or less with opinion of the writer of this blog. He captured the emotions and feelings of many of us so aptly that there is nothing more to add. What could have been a wonderful romantic ending was so abruptly messed up that one is forced to dating that the play primw suffered a mental block towards the end, and failed to give the expected satisfaction to the viewers.

In the Philippines if datinf feel that opinion is sharply divided, they ask viewers to vote on what type of ending they want, especially in melo dramas. But I have come anonymous gay hookup apps the recognition that, that is one luxury you do not ask of Korean dramas.

Most endings leave one sad rather than happy. So let us take this dating as another variation in Korean dramas usual sad endings. This drama even ended well by Korean standard, though lacked all the ingredients of the romance that should color the ending. I thought that Yoona would have shone better with this drama but the ending messed it up for her, more so when she is not particularly a good actress judging miinster her earlier works.

In any case the actors all did well given the material they had to work with. However, it is not a drama I will be pushed to watch twice. The smile and facial expression KY datings DY is very unique compared to how he usually smiles. But for DY dzting the start, his smile was full of warmth. DJ coming into his life is by no accident or fate. Guess she is meant to be. She brings KY closer to his three children and the datinng to him. She is like the gel that bonds them.

KY begins to understand the role of a minister and how to communicate with his kids and not command them. He has prime been a disciplinarian to his kids. But DJ change that. Even Woo Ri warms up to KY later as one can see ministwr bicker with dad over grades and being in the band.

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