3 Modern Kitchen Principles for Great Modern Kitchens Design

Are you looking for modern kitchens for your kitchen inspiration design? Actually there are some principles about modern kitchens. The characteristic of modern kitchens designs are lots of lights, uncluttered space, lot of light, modern fixtures, clean lines, contrast and bold colors. Here are some modern kitchens principles that you have to know.

Modern Kitchens Principles 1 # Clean Lines

Do you know the meaning of clean lines? It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid all the curved furniture. It’s better to use wooden floors where you could view the horizontal plank lines, in order to add more effect. Modernized kitchen feeling can you get if you have clean lines. Beside that by having modern kitchens design you will see your kitchen look bigger. You can use the lines of additional kitchen furniture such as chairs and tables. For example you can choose chairs which display modernized design and semi-curved or horizontal table. Chairs and tables which steel legs and sleek can be better to choose. And to enhance the look, you can utilize glass table top.

Modern Kitchens Principles 2 # Color

It’s better to choose 2 colored themes. Steel and black colored kitchen must be avoided. Painting design ideas are really need here which will give an uncluttered kitchen. For example of combinations colors for modern kitchens such as green or aqua blue walls which have view parts of the wall painted a white color, as same as white kitchen appliances and additional steel items. You can also choose half white and half lavender walls which have steel furniture and black appliances. And the last, it’s better to choose a couple of accent such as a flower vase, or chair with colored seating or some paintings.

Modern Kitchens Principles 3 # Lot of Illumination

You have to be sure that the kitchen has lot of light. Commonly modern kitchens utilize soft white lights. Don’t forget about natural lighting. It’s really important for your kitchen. If your kitchen has no windows you can add skylight. Combination of both can be better. You can add additional illumination to raise the artificial kitchen lighting by hanging a few modernized design lamps which compliment the modern kitchens décor.

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How to find Kitchen Remodeling Ideas?

Maybe finding kitchen remodel ideas is hard thing for some people. Actually if you know the key, it’s not a problem anymore. Maybe remodeling is the most important piece of home decoration.

You can find the idea from many media like TV, magazine or internet. Don’t read too much because it will make you confused. Find the picture or video that will give you more inspiration for your kitchen.

After you find the picture that will inspire you, you can sketch on a paper or you can use easy software like google sketchup to make a simulation about kitchen remodel ideas.

Here are some ideas for your kitchen remodeling ideas that will bring you more inspiration for your kitchen.







The Ideas of Small Modern Kitchen Design that You Need to Know

Are you looking for modern small kitchen design? Clean and simple are the characteristic of modern small kitchen design. By having modern design for small kitchens, creating free flowing work space is very easy. If there is lack of any workspace, you can use islands to make up. In modern design, you must hide refrigerator and dishwasher under panels which match the rest of the cabinets. You will not see much room in modern small kitchen for many appliances. Adding color is a must to help uplift a modern small kitchen design. Color is very great ideas to trick the room which is commonly used by many interior designers.

Illusion of space can be created in a room with lighting under cabinets and under the counter. You can make your kitchen look larger and appealing by using proper lighting. You can also use lighter color cabinet with glass doors to create the appearance which there is more space. You can also have to have island in modern small kitchen design to double it up as a work space as well. There are many kinds of island that you can choose based on your preference and suit your needs. Space problem in your small modern kitchen design will be end.

If you want to save the space, it will be more difficult, because you have to prevent clutter and make the little bit of space more efficient. Deeper cabinets can be installed to increase more work space. Function is the focus of modern kitchen design to cut down any clutter.

It doesn’t mean that your kitchen will be boring even though not allowing you to have much in the small modern kitchen design. Because of budget concerns, kitchen designing can be challenge economically. If your kitchen window is large enough, you can use natural lights and no curtains are needed. Bold colors can be used such as red accented with chrome or silver to bring taste.




Things You Need To Know About Modern Kitchen Designs

Hay everyone. If you really want to see and want to make modern kitchen designs, you don’t need to take any course or class about interior design. All that you have to do, just seeing the picture, duplicate it to your kitchen and give a little modification that you love. Here I give some modern kitchen designs pictures which can be your inspiration which you can apply to your kitchen.

Every family should desire great kitchen design because it is very essential part of any home. Many important activities must be there from breakfast to dinner or cooking or other activities which can be done in the kitchen. All you need to consider when you plan great kitchen is the activities.

Modern kitchen design is very different, because many people interest about it. You can see kitchen cabinets, table tops and chairs which really reflect minimalist clearly. It makes you move comfortable when you cook in the kitchen.

If you want to remodel your kitchen design, modern kitchen design is the best choice to choose because it brings bring positive atmosphere that will then create a truly harmonious family.





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